Japan "Tea Boutique" Bedtime Black Tea.

Advanced Technology


Extracting caffeine using the special technology 

 "Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction method" 

Zero caffeine, a tea that is safe for children and pregnant women, especially suitable for people with weak stomachs.

Relax before bed

Caffeine-free decaffeinated tea series,

Very suitable for those who are allergy to caffeine.

It has a mild taste and it is recommended that 

you drink it before going to bed to relax.

Tea bags can be hung on the cup. 

The three-dimensional tea bag makes 

the tea leaves easy to release the tea taste,

More delicious and aroma, 

you can easily enjoy the authentic taste.

Drinking Method​​


Hot drinks: Put the tea bag in a tea cup or teapot, add 150 ml of hot water, and wait for 1-2 minutes to enjoy the warm tea.

Cold drinks: Put 1-2 tea bags in the cup, put only half of the cup of hot water (add sugar is optional), soak for 3-5 minutes, and add ice cubes that suit you.