How to Brew Tea

There are many members of the tea family,

and as the national culture, the development of the times, and the genre,

there are also their own brewing modes.


The difference is from the daily drinking, tea performances to tea ceremony rituals.


The use and coordination of various teaware is an essential skill, but also an art and enjoyment.


Here, on the principle of simplicity, share how to brew tea easily.






After mastering the basics, brewing according to the

different nature of tea, Learn to "recognize tea to make tea"

in order to make a pot of your own good tea.

Pouring Gentle

High & Fine


High & Thick


Circling from

Outer to Inner 


Fixed Point


Spiral from

Low to High

Brewing Method of

Green Tea / Yellow Tea

Green tea is made from the young bud head leaves of the tea tree. The buds are unoxidized in the process, so we will use a low water temperature, pouring with gentle, and circling from the outer to the inner.

Yellow tea is made by adding a step called "sweltering" in the basic process of green tea.

Besides, the brewing method is the same as green tea.

The teaware is mainly made of glass and porcelain.

Brewing Method of White Tea

White tea is divided into four grades, namely Long Brow with one bud, three or four leaves (water temperature above 92°C), White Peony with one bud and two leaves (water temperature above 85°C), and White Tip Silver Needle with only bud heads (water temperature above 80°C).

Slightly oxidized white tea should be spiralled with the gentle stream of water. In order to get the unique white tea flavour, the hint is using water to fully wet the tea leaves.

The teaware is mainly made of porcelain.

Brewing Method of Celadon Tea (Oolong Tea)

Oolong Tea is semi-oxidized. The shape of tightness includes loose ball shape or tight ball shape, and also has a twist shape. From the fragrance and light-fermentation “Iron Goddess Tea” (water temperature above 90-95°C), to “Wuyi Rock Tea” (water temperature above 98°C). All the brewing method is also slightly different.

The foundation of brewing is pouring water from height and keeping the stream of water fine and narrow, which can break out the aroma. Circling the stream of water from outer to inner, and try to wet all tea leaves is important.

The teaware is mainly made of pottery (purple sand) and porcelain.

Brewing Method of Black Tea

Black tea is fully oxidized traditionally. In modern times, a new process of black tea has appeared, so the degree of oxidiation is low. We have to learn how to recognize the tea leaves. If the leaf colour is lighter and there are more buds, we should brew at a lower water temperature (above 85°C); if the leaf colour is darker, we can brew at a higher temperature (92°C).

​The brewing method can be keep circling the stream of water, or after a circle, then pouring at fixed point, let the water flow makes the tea leaves turn automatically.

The teaware is mainly made of porcelain.

Brewing Method of Dark Tea

Dark tea is divided into naturally post-fermented (water temperature above 90°C) and artificially post-fermented (water temperature above 98°C).

The tea leaves of dark tea are relatively tight, and usually need to rinse 1-2 times (the tea cake wait for 30 seconds) before it is officially brewed the infusions. First use high-strength stream of water to break up the tea leaves, then keep the stream of water quickly spiralling to brew the tea.

The teaware is mainly made of pottery (purple sand) and porcelain.