60sec Tea•Calm•Space
​Before and after every tea brewing ; Relax your mind and body ; Be aware of your mind

Choose a favorite film segment and focus on a personal space of the moment.

When watching the film, have you noticed how your body feels? What about emotions? What is the mind?

Next time, when you watch the film again, try to pay attention to these three conditions,

It is the first step in learning to take care of yourself and enhance awareness.

1. Spring Commences
2. Spring Showers
3. Insects Waken
4. Vernal Equinox
5. Bright and Clear
6. Corn Rain
7. Summer Commences
8. Corn Forms
9. Corn on Ear
10. Summer Solstice
11. Moderate Heat
12. Great Heat
13. Autumn Commences
14. End of Heat
15. White Dew
16. Autumnal Equinox
17. Cold Dew
18. Frost
19. Winter Commences
20. Light Snow
21. Heavy Snow
22. Winter Solstice
23. Moderate Cold
24. Severe Cold